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human heart cake

Melissa Alt is a master cake artist who skillfully crafts an array of professional, artistic cakes that range from classic tiered designs to fully sculpted and painted creations. Each cake is uniquely customized with the perfect balance of culinary and artistic mastery to create a stunning work of art.

Located in Teaneck, NJ and NYC, our cakes can be delivered within the tri-state area and beyond. We use only the finest kosher ingredients to create our edible masterpieces.

We specialize in creating bespoke cakes for any special occasion in your life. From weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs to birthdays and corporate events, our custom cakes serve as the perfect centerpiece for your special celebration.


Melissa's love for creating stunning cakes began during her teenage years when she would watch cake shows on TV, sparking her interest in cake decorating. Her inherent artistic talents - which she had previously expressed through mediums such as paint, clay, and fashion design - found a new and exciting outlet in cake artistry.

After completing her studies in painting and sculpture at Pratt Institute, Melissa secured an internship with the famous Cake Boss, where she honed her cake decorating skills. In 2016, she established her own business, Melissa Alt Cakes, and has since garnered international recognition for her edible masterpieces. Her cakes have graced the pages of numerous magazines, and she has won several awards, including Best Show Cake at the 2017 NY Cake Show and Best Sculpted Cake at the 2019 Jersey Shore Cake Convention. She served as the culinary producer for Reality Bites Cupcakes on Food Network, along with an exclusive tenure as the cake artist for Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC from 2016 to 2020. In 2020, Melissa took on the role of lead culinary producer for Eye Candy on Roku, and in 2021 she emerged victorious on Episode 1 of Hershey's Meltdown on Food Network.

Melissa's passion and dedication for her craft is evident in the countless hours she devotes to creating each unique work of art. Her cakes are not just delicious treats; they are beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces that are an experience of joy and beauty. Melissa loves the magic of transforming her art into food, and her favorite moment is seeing her creations being cut and enjoyed.

For Melissa, the art of cake is not just a profession but a true passion that she is grateful to share with the world. From designing custom cakes for special occasions to producing culinary art for various TV shows, Melissa's love for her craft shines through in everything she creates.

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